RECIPE – Rangsaa Elevate All-Natural Fitness Drink

recipe-tea-rangsaa-elevate-drink1Need a good all-natural pre-workout jolt or a delicious post-workout recovery drink? Then, skip those chemical loaded energy drinks or refined juices in bottles and tetra packs and prepare your own fresh, all natural, and truly nourishing sports drink with Rangsaa Elevate!

2 tsp Rangsaa Elevate
1/2 cup pomegranate
1 tsp lemon juice
1 kiwi
5 basil leaves

Brew 2 tsp Rangsaa Elevate in 400 ml, pre-boiled water (100C) for 10 minutes. While your tea is brewing, slice your kiwi in small quarters and add it to mason jar along with pomegranate seeds , basil leaves and lemon juice. Once tea is ready, top the jar with tea and stir for few seconds. Your drink is ready!

With fistful of almonds for that complete boost.

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