Carob Tea – The Latest Superfood

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If you are my friend or have been following me on social media, you know that I love turning my healing herbal teas into a delicious treat as often as I can. Presently, one of the easiest ways for me to do that is to work with Carob.

What is Carob? Many people are familiar with this nature’s most delicious candy that grows on tree, and is used in desserts and beverages as a chocolate and sugar substitute. But did you know carob also makes a great tea? Things got very exciting at Love for Tea when our friends at Savvy Foods UK sent us 100% pure Australian carob goodies. With variation of carob in the form of nibbles, roasted powder and all-natural carob syrup, we had lot of fun to look forward to.

Carob is more than just a sweet substitute for chocolate. In fact, it’s use for health benefits goes back to 4,000 years. There is even mention of carob in the Bible as ‘St. John’s bread’ or ‘locust bean’. Carob is a priceless fruit with many health benefits. For starter, this natural sweet-treat contains more calcium than milk. The other benefits of carob include it’s ability to boost the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer, improve digestion, slow down ageing, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and help prevent and manage diabetes. For these reasons and more, carob is widely used throughout the world.

Carob tastes very similar to chocolate or cocoa powder. It’s got a sweet nutty flavor and it’s addition to tea certainly makes it more delicious, nutritious and even gives it an interesting flavor profile. To make a cup of refreshing carob tea just boil 2 tsp of carob nibbles in water for about 5 minutes. You would love eating the soft carobs in the end as they add sweet delight in your cup of tea. As Ice Tea, I enjoy carob with citrusy-sweet blend of fresh mint, lemongrass and orange. The addition of the carob syrup is equally good and brings about the same flavorful sweetness in tea. I love cooking with tea, so I couldn’t resist and also tried carob syrup as a glaze instead of honey in tea smoked chicken roast and it was absolutely wonderful. You must also try carob powder in smoothies and detox drinks. So, if you look at it carob is quite a versatile product that you can easily include in your diet.

Carob tea is delicious and I encourage you to explore it’s unique taste and flavor. Would really love you to drop a comment and share your favorite carob recipe! To learn more about carob check out 

3 thoughts on “Carob Tea – The Latest Superfood

  1. I tasted alot of teas, but I havent tried this one and reading this post makes me wanna try Corab tea. Thanks for reviewing!


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