REVIEW – Formosa GABA Oolong by Grey’s Teas

Grey's Teas

Description of Tea
The dry leaves are small, tightly rolled pellets, with shades of olive green and brown. The texture and color is uniform, suggesting a high quality GABA. The leaves are beautiful, with well-developed fruity, floral and herbaceous aroma.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
The tiny balls unfurl into full leaves, about 2-2.5 inch in length, resulting in a vibrant golden-yellow liquor.  The top clean citrus and green notes, with mild caramel and hay-like aroma, provide a supple sweetness and an extraordinary buttery mouthfeel. Unmarred by bitterness and astringency, the delightful medley of complex, delicate flavours, leave a slight chill in the mouth. Very interesting tea!

One tsp of leaves were infused in 230 ml pre-boiled water at 80C for 5 minutes. I got four well-balanced infusions which were delectably sweet and smooth. The second infusion being my personal favorite. The aroma and flavours were strikingly consistent throughout.

GABA Oolong is a very popular tea from Taiwan, and I believe it’s love must keep growing. Many might be unaware that this high mountain oolong is made with extraordinary skills, where leaves are exposed to nitrogen, instead of oxygen, during the traditional oxidation process – a technique developed in Japan in 1987. This process is done to design the tea to be high in GABA (Gamma-amino butyric acid), an amino acid that helps calm the nerves and relax the body. This tea is delicious, meditative and perfect for all seasons!

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Twitter – @greysteas
Rating – 4.1/5

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