Holi – Celebrating the Festival of Rang (Colors)

Holi post

Every year we celebrate the spirit of love with vibrant colors on Holi. With the onset of spring, India gets into the colorful mood that signifies celebration due to good harvests and land’s fertility.

Holi is a festival steeped in traditions, culture and colors. It’s an occasion when everyone comes together and celebrates life. We reset and renew ruptured relationships, end old conflicts and get rid of accumulated emotional impurities from the past. We find new spaces and make new friends.

Holi is also considered the festival of Gods. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Kirishna used to play holi with his friends and followers. Even today, the Holi celebrated in Vrindavan (birthplace of Lord Krishna) is one of the grandest celebrations. People from around the world travel thousands of miles just to be part of this kaleidoscopic rendezvous.

Holi has become an international festival that symbolises colors and joy. People across borders celebrate it unanimously, making new friends and remembering some old. This festivity brings colors in everyone’s life in it’s own unique way, every year.

So, step out, carry some colors/gulal and indulge in this colorful celebration. Let’s celebrate the symbolic reminder of peace, harmony and prosperity. Here’s wishing all our readers and their loved ones, a very happy and a prosperous Holi!

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