REVIEW – The Tea Book by Linda Gaylard

Linda Gaylard

The Tea Book by Linda Gaylard, a renowned Tea Sommelier, popularly known as the Tea Stylist, is written for the modern tea drinkers, who are keen to educate themselves about tea, it’s various varieties and unique tea traditions around the world. The book is an encyclopedia on tea – it has vast information on history of tea, teas of the world, the perfect infusions, tea recipes, modern brewing techniques and the global teawares & cultures. The book impressively compliments the present global tea movement that is taking the beverage industry by a storm.

The Tea Book is a must read for anyone who is curious about the saga of tea and wants to learn the subject. From ways to choose and differentiate various kinds of tea based on brewing methods, tea’s flavor profiles and key characteristics, to their individual journeys from leaf to a cup, Linda’s dedication and comprehensive exploration of global tea cultures is remarkable and truly inspiring.

This book is a collection of Linda’s tea journey and one can easily appreciate the amount of work, research and time that has gone into compiling it. From design point of view, it is a very well made book. Each layout, supported with pictures and illustrations, keeps you engaged and it beautifully allows the reader to discover new tales about tea.

One of my favorite sections in the book is the segment on authentic teawares, which are influenced by various cultures. I found this subject to be highly detailed and almost poetic.

I’ve cherished my time reading this book with many cups of tea. With expert insights and in-depth research, fuelled by immense passion for tea, the book will definitely inspire you to begin your tea journey or “the true path of tea” as Linda calls it.

Whether you are a tea connoisseur, purist or a tea newbie, you will find your inspiration in the book. The best standalone on tea I’ve ever read, it’s a revelation of Linda’s amazing passion for tea and must be shared. This is a book I highly recommend. Thank you Linda and DK Canada for sending the book –it’s a treasure!


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