REVIEW – Doke Black Infusion by Lochan Tea

Doke tea reviewDescription of Tea
The dry leaves consist of long, dark, hand-rolled, twisted leaves with scattered tips. The aroma is woody, sweet and earthy.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves brew a golden-brown liquor that has multitude of flavors. The infusion is medium-bodied, with zero astringency and buttery mouthfeel. The distinct amber and muscatel notes, delightfully compliment the subtle hints of malt and cocoa, giving the brew a very crisp, clean finish, and a refreshing aftertaste. The merger of flavours is adventurous! 

1 tsp of leaves were infused in 230 ml pre-boiled water at  95 C for 2 minutes. I got three infusions out of this tea. Each of the three steeps I had were engaging, perfectly smooth and well balanced.

This is a very unique and interesting black tea. The way it’s tasting notes unfurl with the leaves, is very intriguing. It made me curious and I wanted to bond with it more, with every sip.

Flush/Season – Autumn Flush, 2015
USP – Handmade Organic Black Tea
Region – Doke Tea Garden, Bihar
Website –
Twitter – @rajiv_lochan
Rating – 4/5

PS: Thank you Mr.Rajiv Lochan and family, for sharing your tea journey with Love for Tea. I feel proud of your innovation and admire your efforts in finding potential of tea production in Bihar. The Indian and the Global Tea Industry is proud of you.

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