Loose Whole Leaf Tea – The Art Of Tea

loose leaf vs tea bags

“A good cup of tea begins in delight and ends in wisdom”

If tea is a part of your life, as box of tea bags stacked in your cupboard, this blog would convince you to dig deeper and see just why tea is so deserving of our appreciation and respect.

We often ask what differentiates tea bags from whole leaf teas, why leaf tea is better than tea bags and why we need to make the switch? Let’s talk about some interesting facts and see if they can encourage you to give up that easy, quick, and aromatic cup of ‘blah- tea’, made from your favorite tea bag and inspire you to make the switch today.

Loose whole leaf tea is the most organic, pure, unprocessed and natural form of tea leaf available in nature. The whole leaves are unbroken, full of natural oils and antioxidants, with wide range of vitamins, minerals, flavors and aroma. So, when you steep the tea, the oils release from the leaves into a supreme quality liquor, resulting in much more rounded and full bodied flavor – which is more complex, with a top, middle and finish note. This kind of ‘unique tea experience’ cannot be achieved with tea bags, the tea that most tea drinkers are accustomed to.

A tea bag on the other hand is made from tea dust and fannings, that is characteristically really fine cut, almost granular tea. It is machine processed and is typically considered the lowest grade tea. The teeny-weeny pieces result in larger surface area resulting in more possibilities for the essential oils to evaporate, leaving the tea dull and stale, without any beneficial properties.

In a traditional tea factory, the tea production and processing involves different processes like roasting, firing, cooking and so forth. These procedures create lot of dust in the air, which eventually falls on the ground. This dust is further collected in giant piles and is reserved for being used in tea bags.

Now, that I’ve debunked your thoughts on tea, may I remind you that most of the research one reads about tea, especially green tea, is derived on the studies based on whole leaf tea and not tea bags. So, be smart, drink right and discover health, happiness and contentment in a perfect cup of tea.

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