Green TEA – What’s The Deal With This Superfood, Anyway?


Modern scientific research is finally beginning to study and confirm what the Chinese have espoused for thousands of years – Tea is a healthy beverage. Today, more and more scientific evidence proposes that tea has medicinal properties. Green tea in particular, usually referred to as the next ‘Superfood’ and ‘Nano Green Missiles’ by the medicine industry, is taking the health, medical, fitness and beverage industry by a storm.

You might ask, what’s the big deal? Green tea is rich in Catechins – molecules that bond with free radicals and act as powerful antioxidants to shield the body. Recent research indicates that tea protects against heart diseases and many types of cancer, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure & risk of diabetes, fights insomnia & hypertension, increases bone-density, calms digestion, improves brain function and boosts the immune system.

That’s a whole lot of valuable and proven reasons for the busy urban warrior to fight the modern diseases – by replacing soda and concentrated juices with just a healthy cup of Tea. So, go ahead and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

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