REVIEW – White Tea By Teatulia

Tea Review

Description of Tea
Beautiful needles, about half-inch, with visible brownish-yellow color and white fuzz, a unique characteristic of a fine white tea. The smell is incredible – sweet and earthy, with fresh-from-the-garden aroma.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves infuse a delicate amber liquor, that is stronger than silver needle, yet not as strong as Bai Mu Dan or Shou Mei – popular Chinese white teas that are dark in color. It has interesting full- bodied flavor, that is smooth, with floral notes, nutty sweetness and a delicious creamy aftertaste. The combination of sweet aroma, and the multitude of complex floral, fruity and fresh green flavors, is incredible.

Two gms of dry leaves were infused in 150 ml, pre-boiled water (90-95 C), for 2-3 minutes. The first infusion was golden amber, with delightful flavor and aroma. The second and third infusions were much richer and complex, with beautiful deep amber color.

This is a white tea that can become an instant favorite with many tea drinkers. It is certainly one of the finer teas that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Teatulia Tea has impressed me and I can see why this is an award winning tea.

Website –
Twitter – @Teatulia
Award – North American Tea Championship, White Tea Category (2014)
Rating – 4/5

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