REVIEW – Kenyan Purple Tea, Premium Supertea

base-review-kenyan-purple-teaDry leaves
The leaves are dark, thin, long, wiry and beautifully hand-rolled, about 2-2.5 inch in length. There are visible scattered silver tips. Aroma is vegetal, floral with hints of tropics.

Infused tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves brew a light golden color liquor with hue of aqua green, and a strong sweet-grassy aroma. Infused leaves look delightful with shades of purple. The flavor is vegetal, floral with hints of stone fruit, currants and earth. Light in color, yet high in tannins, the infusion is medium bodied, with mild astringency and a crisp finish. The texture is thick and creamy, and leaves a interesting semi-dry aftertaste.

One tsp (about 5 gm) of leaves were infused in 200 ml pre-boiled water (about 85C) for 2 minutes. The second infusion at 3 minutes focused on the floral notes and brought in more depth in flavors. When a dash of lemon was added, the infusion transformed into a purple-pink liquor which was a magnificent nature’s phenomenon – equally appreciable in taste. It was exciting! The third and fourth infusions at 3 minutes were pleasantly smoother, delicate and floral. The fifth infusion at 5 minutes was flavorful without any astringency.

The fascinating attribute of purple tea is that it’s depth of flavors vary with infusion time – and that teases you!  I’ve no doubt in my mind that purple tea is going to be the next big thing in the global tea industry, as it’s uniqueness, quality and health benefits make it more than just an innovation.

Website –
Rating – 4.5/5

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