INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Robert Wemischner

Tea Interview Base RobertPastry chef and Culinary EducatorRobert Wemischner began his career to great media acclaim in the food business in the early 70’s as the owner of a pioneering gourmet-to-go shop in Beverly Hills. He then went on to open a similar operation in Baltimore, and in the early 90’s, returned to LA and began teaching pastry and culinary arts in earnest.

In Robert’s world of bold flavors, you will find a contemporary approach to desserts, drinking and cooking with premium whole leaf tea. His journey is an exploration of exciting ingredients and tools.

Q1 – Working for many years in the industry, you’ve decades of experience. What would you like to share with our urban- generation of tea lovers?
RBW – Tea is timeless and infinite in variety; there’s something for everyone; for people who love subtle flavors and for those who wish something bold…

Q2 – What inspired you to use tea in your recipes?
RBW – I am a lover of flavors, appreciate the bold as well as the subtle….I think of tea as a seasoning, as a spice, and in that way, decoding its flavors, I figure out what dishes tea can benefit from…what preparations could include tea…

Q3 – How do you incorporate the flavors and goodness of tea in your recipes? And what is your personal favorite combination that you like to prepare?
RBW – I associate green and oolong teas with white wine (and therefore use them as flavorings in delicate dishes involving fish and seafood and even light poultry; and black teas as perfect partners to red meats and bolder flavored fish….

To be continued…

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