REVIEW – Oolong Tea By Teatulia

Tea Review

Description of Tea
The dry leaves are dark, long and twisted, with hints of silver and golden tips. The aroma is woody and toasty, with a hint of spice.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
When infused, the leaves yield moderately full bodied, golden – brownish liquor, that has a natural roasted and smoky characteristic. The top clean notes, along with creamy taste, lightly citrus-tinged sweet undertone, provide a rich mouth-feel and a lovely bittersweet after-taste.

One pyramid bag was infused in 230 ml, pre-boiled water (90-95 C), for 3 minutes. When steeped four times, the infusion felt thick in the mouth and developed in it’s flavor. It’s a fine oolong and tastes more rich without loosing presence of it’s key personalities and color.

Website –
Twitter – @Teatulia
Award – North American Tea Championship, Oolong Tea Category 
Rating – 4.1/5

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