RECIPE : My ‘Aam Papad Chai’ For Chaayos Cafe

Special Tea Chaayos

‘Aam Papad Chai’ available at Chaayos, Delhi.

Check out my special ‘Aam Papad Chai’ recipe available at all Chaayos tea cafe outlets.  You would enjoy it’s distinct taste because of mango and other ingredients. Lonely Planet recommends it as a must have tea, for all the tea lovers in Delhi.

1 tsp Whole leaf Black Tea
1/2 inch Aam Papad (dried mango)
Slice of Ginger
Slice of Lemon
Fresh Mint Leaves (Optional)

For a serving, add crushed ginger and a cardamom pod to boiling water and let it steep. Then, add organic leaf tea to pre-boiled water and let it brew for 3-4 minutes. In your cup, add Aam Papad, pour in the brewed tea and stir. Garnish it with mint leaves (approx 4-5) and a slice of lemon. Voila! your brew is ready.

As both Hot and Ice tea. If you like mangoes, this is the tea for you!

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