Rangsaa Launches It’s Website Rangsaa.com on ITD 2016

On the 12th International Tea Day, 15th December 2016, we at Rangsaa are glad to launch our website www.rangsaa.com.

We at Rangsaa are huge fans of superior quality tea and herbs, but were jaded with the poor-grade and dusty flavors that found their way into infusions. Having realised a gap in the market for healthy, all-natural tea, we sought out to create delicious blends loaded with pure, unadulterated power. And so Rangsaa was born.

Climate change and modern lifestyle are messing our health and mental peace. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure are increasingly becoming common among people. In Delhi, the national capital of India, there are already serious concerns surrounding the dangerously high levels of toxicity in the air.

We feel it is the need of the hour for people to consider tea as the best option for their daily drinks. Market stats and global trend forecast prove that people are bored of artificial drinks and are looking for something that will improve them naturally.

After years of research and collaboration with experts, we created our unique Rangsaa recipes to rediscover the forgotten power of Indian herbs. Rangsaa’s tea blends and tisanes are the results of a precise and careful selection of evocative herbs with proven health benefits, designed for the modern tea drinker. We aim to create an exquisite tea drinking experience for tea lovers around the world. And we ensure our journey is beneficial for all by working directly with small growers and farmers.

A fitness and wellness movement, Rangsaa operates in a unique space. With all-natural ingredients curated to transform and energize, Rangsaa is all about complex and novel layers of flavors, undertones and aromas. Our blends are multi-versatile, finding their uses in cooking, nutritious drinks and healthy cocktails. We love design and bring to you a product that not just tastes amazing, but also looks absolutely amazing. Just how our tea makes you feel good inside-out, so will our packaging.

The concept of healthy, nutritious tea goes way beyond the popular green tea or flavored tea bags. While we do see the concept of premium tea as a health drink growing globally, it still remains to gain traction in India. Rangsaa is on a mission to change this and we need your support to that end.

We are brewing a modern culture for contemporary tea drinking experience, and we look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you. Please check out our website, shop and show your support. Share it if you love it.

Tea Journey Magazine

Tea lovers, prepare yourself for the launch of Tea Journey Magazine, a first of it’s kind publication that will change the way you look at tea.

Tea Journey is Dan Bolton’s tea adventure, which is a collaborative effort, self-financed by editors, writers, tea consultants, tea educators and tea experts globally. Dan Bolton is an incredible tea ambassador, beverage retail expert and famous veteran magazine editor who loves to educate and enlighten people on the vastness of tea. He says, “Tea Journey is like a digital caravan of story tellers who travel to origin and return with authoritative, elusive and exclusive articles, photos, and video that will help our readers discover their tea destiny.”

The magazine’s Kickstarter campaign, which ends on 1st of June, has already passed $100,000 mark to become the 4th most funded periodical in Kickstarter history. We encourage all our readers to check out the magazine’s Kickstarter page and support Dan’s brilliant initiative, that seeks to create a process of discovery with a beautiful magazine, website and mobile app about tea.

An Affair With Flowering Tea

Love for Tea presents “An Affair With Flowering Tea”, our first video, where we see the chemistry between tea and water. The union of two creates magic in the teapot. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did creating it for you. Share it if you love it.

Green TEA – What’s The Deal With This Superfood, Anyway?


Modern scientific research is finally beginning to study and confirm what the Chinese have espoused for thousands of years – Tea is a healthy beverage. Today, more and more scientific evidence proposes that tea has medicinal properties. Green tea in particular, usually referred to as the next ‘Superfood’ and ‘Nano Green Missiles’ by the medicine industry, is taking the health, medical, fitness and beverage industry by a storm.

You might ask, what’s the big deal? Green tea is rich in Catechins – molecules that bond with free radicals and act as powerful antioxidants to shield the body. Recent research indicates that tea protects against heart diseases and many types of cancer, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure & risk of diabetes, fights insomnia & hypertension, increases bone-density, calms digestion, improves brain function and boosts the immune system.

That’s a whole lot of valuable and proven reasons for the busy urban warrior to fight the modern diseases – by replacing soda and concentrated juices with just a healthy cup of Tea. So, go ahead and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Artist Red Hong Yi Creates A Massive Portrait Out Of 20,000 Tea Bags

Malaysian Artist, Red Hong Yi, created an installation called “Teh Tarik Man” out of 20,000 teabags for the World Economic Forum in Davos last month. She says it took about two months to build the 10-foot by 7-foot piece, which ended up weighing more than 440 pounds.

“I wanted to create a piece that reflected an everyday scene in Malaysia that reminds me of home,” Hong Yi explains in her YouTube description. “Teh Tarik (which means ‘pulled-tea’ in Malay) is a drink served in local coffee shops (or kopitiams) that is sweet, frothy and milky, and is frothed up when tea is poured between two containers.”

Traditional Chinese TEA Ceremony

The Chinese Tea Ceremony, also called The Art of Tea, is a ritualised form of making tea in Chinese culture. The tea ceremony is a cultural activity, involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea. The ceremony embodies the principles of harmony, respect, purity, tranquility and is always enjoyed with tea as a spiritual medium to practice.

In the above video, Tea Master, Mr.Wang, performs a Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in his authentic Tea shop. The score is a traditional Qin Song (ancient Chinese instrument).

Finally, A TV Show Dedicated To TEA And Coffee

Do you love coffee or TEA? Then you’ll love ‘My Favorite Cup’ – a weekly television and online show dedicated to the love of coffee and TEA. Pending for some time now, the show is coming out soon.

Green TEA – History & Nutrition

Did you know Green Tea originated in China and has been used as a medicine for more than 5000 years? Packed with numerous health benefits, green tea has paved it’s way in our daily lives, by being more than just a beverage. Watch this brilliant video explaining the history and wonders of green tea!