India’s Very First Tea Carnival – Chai Ho Jaye (Let’s Have Tea)

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Chai Ho Jaye (let’s have tea), India’s first ever tea carnival, organized by Indian Tea Association in collaboration with Tea Board of India, is a nice initiative to bring together all the tea lovers and introduce them to different kinds of tea. The purpose of the event, which is planned across many cities in India, is to connect the tea industry with tea lovers, connoisseurs and aspirants and bring awareness about different avatars of the most traditional indian drink. From tea inspired mocktails, tea tasting, flash mobs, games, competitions to loose leaf tea give-aways, the event brought in a whole new energy and awareness about tea.

My Interview About TEA


“I believe in practicing happiness, with reflection and tea.”- LoveforTeas

Check out my interview about tea, with UK based tea community, DrinkMilitia, that also featured some of my favourite tea recipes

Tilting Tea Cup For Easy And Perfect Brewing

“Even a unapologetic three-cups-of coffee-a-day person can appreciate this clever teacup.” – Fast Company

Do you want a perfect cup of brewed tea? Well, then this simple and perfectly designed Tilting Tea Cup is a must-have if you are a tea lover like me and like your tea as perfect as it should be. Designed by Finnish designers, Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jaasko, for Magisso, this cup makes for an easy 2-step brewing process. The cup is divided into two compartments and lets you adjust the strength of your tea without making any mess. The unique triangular bottom allows it to rest in two different positions. Tilt the cup one way for brewing, then the other way to strain and drink your tealicious cup. Tea leaves can be reused and this beautiful design lets you make your another cup with the desired strength and flavor.

Brilliant design and functionality! What more can you ask from your tea cup?

What Do Footballers Drink?


“What we believe to be one of the most fascinating benefits of drinking tea for athletes is the role of L-Theanine, an Amino-Acid in Tea that results in the state of  ‘Relaxed or Mindful Alertness’.  Meditators have been cultivating ‘Relaxed Alertness’ through meditation for years, a state which is experienced in peak states of play, and which can be experienced through the act of drinking Tea.”-