REVIEW : Semi-Pearl Green TEA By Absolute Tea

tea review

About the tea – The dry leaf consists of medium sized semi- pearl, twisted leaves, which expand and unfurl into gorgeous tea leaves. The fragrance of the dried tea is earthy and comforting.

Infused tea – The tea cups out a champagne color liquor that has malty, nuanced and tannic aroma, like a fine second flush. The texture is smooth and mellow, with lighter mouthfeel and coppery after taste. The tea is medium-bodied with a moderate amount of astringency.

Infusion – Infuse the leaves for four to five minutes with 95 – 100 C water. You will get at least three infusions out of this tea. Each of the three steeps I had, was bright, engaging, perfectly smooth and well balanced.

Rating – 3.7/5

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Twitter – @TeaAbsolute

Special thanks to Jayant Jalan, 23 yrs old, founder of Absolute Tea, for a wonderful evening of tea tasting.