REVIEW – AV2 Exotic Black by Udyan Tea

Black Tea

Description of Tea
The dry leaves are a mix of light to dark greens and copper, with some scattered fuzzy silver buds. The texture of the leaves is supple, velvety and smooth, with fresh, sweet, grassy and slightly floral aroma.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
When infused, the light honey-amber liquor conveys fine delicate aromatic notes, that are both vegetal and floral – reminiscent of spring flowers. The infusion is medium-bodied, smooth and crisp, with mild astringency, and a beautiful creamy mouthfeel. The lovely top floral notes balance well with hints of malt and fruits in the finish, attributing to a fine first flush darjeeling tea.

Three teaspoons of leaves were infused in 500 ml pre-boiled water (90-95 C), for 4 minutes in a teapot. The honey-sweet floral elements built steadily sip after sip, into a lovely long-lasting finish for which AV2 (Ambari Vegetal 2) are so prized.

Flush – 1st Flush, 2015
Garden – Rohini, Darjeeling
Website –
Twitter – @UdyanTea
Rating – 3.8/5