Rangsaa Review by Robert Wemischner

Robert W Quote blogIt’s an honour for us to share Rangsaa experience with Robert Wemischner, a veteran chef, culinary educator and author of four books, based in Los Angeles.

Getting reviewed by the expert on the subject of flavors and cooking with tea, Robert’s review titled, New Winds Blowing in The World of Tea: Rangsaa Tea’ is simply mesmerising.

“It’s as if a breath of fresh air has entered my tea cabinet in the form of a new line of teas, leavened with an element of fun, subverting the expected.”, adds Robert Wemischner, a tea connoisseur who believes tea is timeless and infinite in variety.

Using tea as a cooking ingredient is a subject close to Robert’s heart. His views on the perfect packaging find credence in Rangsaa’s bold color palette that promises a novel and luxurious tea drinking experience.

He details how Rangsaa introduced him to a new palate experience through a delectable mix of flavors and aromas.

“Though an unscented black tea drinker myself, Rangsaa’s blend has opened up my palate to a new experience and has set my culinary wheels turning–will the subtly flavored brewed tea or dry blend be used in a sauce, a broth, an ice cream, or a sorbet?Or maybe flavor a custard, a filling for a cream puff, or éclair? Ideas abound.”

We’ve been introduced to the concept of cooking with tea just lately, but Robert Wemischner’s long-standing interest in the flavor potential of ingredients has culminated in his expertise in using tea as a flavor ingredient since the 1970’s. Robert Wemischner began his career to great media acclaim in the food business in the early 70’s as the owner of a pioneering gourmet-to-go shop in Beverly Hills. Robert has extensively experimented with cooking and has been a teacher of baking and pastry for more than 20 years at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. He is also the author of The Vivid Flavors Cookbook, a groundbreaking book about fusion cuisine, Gourmet to Go on the business of specialty food retailing, The Dessert Architect, an invaluable resource on building versatile and creative desserts and Cooking with Tea, an exploration of the culinary potential of the humble leaf.

Thank you Robert Wemischner for your review and belief in Rangsaa’s Global Tea Movement. We urge all our readers to check out the complete review HERE!

INTERVIEW – In Conversation With Robert Wemischner

Tea Interview Base RobertPastry chef and Culinary EducatorRobert Wemischner began his career to great media acclaim in the food business in the early 70’s as the owner of a pioneering gourmet-to-go shop in Beverly Hills. He then went on to open a similar operation in Baltimore, and in the early 90’s, returned to LA and began teaching pastry and culinary arts in earnest.

In Robert’s world of bold flavors, you will find a contemporary approach to desserts, drinking and cooking with premium whole leaf tea. His journey is an exploration of exciting ingredients and tools.

Q1 – Working for many years in the industry, you’ve decades of experience. What would you like to share with our urban- generation of tea lovers?
RBW – Tea is timeless and infinite in variety; there’s something for everyone; for people who love subtle flavors and for those who wish something bold…

Q2 – What inspired you to use tea in your recipes?
RBW – I am a lover of flavors, appreciate the bold as well as the subtle….I think of tea as a seasoning, as a spice, and in that way, decoding its flavors, I figure out what dishes tea can benefit from…what preparations could include tea…

Q3 – How do you incorporate the flavors and goodness of tea in your recipes? And what is your personal favorite combination that you like to prepare?
RBW – I associate green and oolong teas with white wine (and therefore use them as flavorings in delicate dishes involving fish and seafood and even light poultry; and black teas as perfect partners to red meats and bolder flavored fish….

To be continued…