Let’s Talk TEA

Everyone is talking about tea. Let’s join the TEA MOVEMENT and welcome a healthy lifestyle.

Bob Marley Loved TEA, We Love Tea


"Mellow mood has got me, darlin'. Let the music rock me, darlin'.'Cause I got your love, darlin'. Love, sweet love, darlin'."-Mellow Mood, Bob Marley (Songs of freedom)

“Mellow mood has got me, darlin’. Let the music rock me, darlin’. ‘Cause I got your love, darlin’. Love, sweet love, darlin’.”-Mellow Mood, Bob Marley (Album: Songs of freedom)


Mind Of A TEA Lover


Dr. John Watson: I’m starving. Do we have anything in? [Opens refrigerator, sees head inside, closes it] Dr. John Watson: A severed head. Sherlock Holmes: [From other room] Just tea for me, thanks.