TEA TALES – Silver Yin Hu Tea Wares by Master Zhao

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In olden times, Chinese royalties used to collect tea wares which commemorated important occasions. These exquisite pieces were cherished family possessions and were passed down through generations. The traditional techniques and methods used in those days in creating these silver tea wares have left a legacy and the value of this art form has remained unchanged.

Master Zhao is a rare window to the past, culture and heritage of China, which he displays intricately with versatility in the 999 silver Yin Hu teapots and tea wares he crafts. The use of metals such as silver, gold etc as principal components to craft tea wares reflect the aristocratic lifestyle, and the cultural and philosophical ideas of the times. Master Zhao’s masterpieces range between $500 – $4000 and are recommended for serious art lovers and collectors. I would compare these pieces of art to the rare diamonds we can find, for if they weren’t unique they would be free as pebbles and a dime a dozen. 

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RIP : Paris 14.11.2015

Paris ShootingWe condemn all kinds of terrorist activities, hatred and killings. The world needs peace and we stand for it. Our heart goes out to all the families and victims, who have lost their loved ones, in the shoot-out in Paris today. May their souls rest in peace.

Tea-Time Stories by Marta Colomer

Tutticonfetti was born in early 2012 with little clothing and uncertain destination, very simple characters, with a limited color gamut and a vintage touch. We love their portrayal of absurd situations, but behind each one of them there is a reflection or dialogue that tries to unravel the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of some things and the absurdity of others with a cup of tea.

TEA TALES – Timeless Tea Cup And Saucer

Harish Patel Silver Teacup and Saucer
Oomersi Mawji (O.M.), ca. 1860, Bhuj, Kutch, India
Sterling Silver

Saucer, 1 in. h x 5 3/8 in. diam. (2.54 x 13.65 cm)
Cup 2 5/8 in. h x 4 in. l x 3 ¼ in. diam. (6.7 cm tall x 10.16 long x 8.25 diam)
Set Weight: 9 oz. (255 grams)

This exquisite silver piece can only lead one to try to imagine it’s romantic history. The two pieces are a matched teacup and saucer, by the renowned Kutch silversmith Oomersi Mawji, and bearing his stylized coriander-leaves-and-flowers motif. Each piece is inscribed “E.B. Lover,” the cup on its side, emblazoned on a ribbon; the saucer around its center, where the cup would rest.

But Oomersi Mawji, who certainly made many teapots, knew well that a hot liquid in a silver cup would render the cup handle impossible to be held in one’s fingers. It appears then that the teacup and saucer was perhaps never intended for holding tea, but that the form was rather only fanciful, perhaps meant to hold a small bouquet of flowers on a breakfast tray, or to convey some particular allusion. And what of the inscription, “E. B. Lover”? Is it simply the name of someone it was presented to as a gift? Or does “lover “ signify something else altogether? Time has its secrets.

Harish K. Patel

Harish K. Patel has been collecting Indian classical art for more than twenty years. His silver collection from India dates from the Raj Period, some of it made by local Indian silversmiths, some by British Colonials. The collection includes the work of Orr and Hamilton, as well as Oomersi Mawji, Dass & Dutt, and others, in the regions of Kutch, Chennai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Kashmir, and Rajasthan.

Rare Chinese Teapots

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Rare Chinese Teapots, beautifully pictured by Thomas Burke. We love the way, the background and the teapots compliment each other, in every shot. I wish to collect these pots and have them in my collection some day.

Tilting Tea Cup For Easy And Perfect Brewing

“Even a unapologetic three-cups-of coffee-a-day person can appreciate this clever teacup.” – Fast Company

Do you want a perfect cup of brewed tea? Well, then this simple and perfectly designed Tilting Tea Cup is a must-have if you are a tea lover like me and like your tea as perfect as it should be. Designed by Finnish designers, Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jaasko, for Magisso, this cup makes for an easy 2-step brewing process. The cup is divided into two compartments and lets you adjust the strength of your tea without making any mess. The unique triangular bottom allows it to rest in two different positions. Tilt the cup one way for brewing, then the other way to strain and drink your tealicious cup. Tea leaves can be reused and this beautiful design lets you make your another cup with the desired strength and flavor.

Brilliant design and functionality! What more can you ask from your tea cup?