Ruhani is the founder and CEO of Rangsaa tea. Apart from being an entrepreneur and keynote speaker on the subject of tea, she is also an avid writer and provides her expertise to specialists striving to create unique palates and experiences using tea. Her journey to Rangsaa started with her blog LoveforTea. It soon became an internet sensation with tea lovers globally. Since then, she has turned her passion for tea into a Global Tea Movement which aims at promoting, educating and introducing the world to a multi-sensory food and tea experience. Ruhani believes that tea is a way of life. She is dedicated to inspiring a tea-centric lifestyle for health and well being. She and Rangsaa have continued to introduce an unconventional philosophy of tea drinking in India, inspired by her global exposure of tea cultures. A strong believer of healing with tea, Ruhani affirms that a cup of tea is like a therapeutic oasis which can alleviate and provide a sense of zen and relief.

Contact – ruhani@rangsaa.com

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  1. Thank you Pepper for your beautiful comments, and a much lovely invitation. Glad to share our love for tea. Canada has been my neighbour for four years as I studied in Buffalo. I wish to visit some day soon and we shall definitely catch up at T by Daniel over fab Lion tea! πŸ™‚


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