REVIEW- Whimsically White Pom by Nelson’s Tea

white pomDry leaves
The dry leaves is a mix of white tea with abundant silver tips. The safflower and rose hip threads add color and elegance. Aroma is strong and sweet, leaning more towards soft fruit, with fragrant hints of rosewood.

Infused tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves brew a deep golden color liquor, with prominent fruity aroma. On the palate, the light-bodied infusion brings out creamy, mellow-sweet accents of peach and melon, with hints of rose, honey and nectar. The pleasant tart-sweetness of pomegranate, attributes to a delectable after-taste.

One tsp of tea was brewed in 230 ml pre-boiled water, at 80 C, for 3 minutes. The top fruity notes accompanied by wonderful aromas, is refreshing.

Whispering white pom consists of delicate leaves and I suggest one must not brew this tea for too long, and at high temperature. It does have the tendency to become bitter and dry.

This is a summery blend and it also ices well.

Website –
Twitter – @NelsonsTea
Rating – 3.3/5

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