REVIEW- Kenya White Lelsa Silver Tip by Grey’s Teas


Description of Tea
The dry leaves consist of long needle-like buds, about an inch in length, mostly covered in white fuzz. The leaves have shades of olive, grey and purple. The texture of the leaves is wonderful, with toasty, floral and grassy aroma.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
In the cup, the leaves brew a pale greenish-yellow liquor. The sweet floral tannic aroma, with mild fruity undertone, compliments the strong hay-like flavor on the palate – which together brings about a melodious sweetness in every sip. The infusion is light-bodied with mild briskness and a velvety mouthfeel.

2 gms of leaves were infused in 200 ml pre-boiled water, at 80 C for 3 minutes. The first infusion was strong with distinct flavors and a sweet finish. The second infusion brewed for 5 minutes at 95 C, brought in mild malty notes with melon-freshness. The third infusion steeped for 8 minutes was subtle, delicate and refreshing.

It’s an exceptional tea, probably one of the best silver tips I’ve had in a long time and I loved the experience. It’s flavor profile can certainly be matched with some of the finest white teas from China. This rare tea from Kenya is cherished globally and I can see why the love is growing.

Website –
Twitter – @greysteas
Rating – 4/5

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