REVIEW – Pure Hemp Tea by Pure Hemp Botonicals

Hemp tea review

Description of Tea
The tea bag contains finely cut pieces of hemp plant that turns into a paste in hot water. It’s very well presented and I couldn’t find any pieces of stem, stalks or seeds in it. The aroma is fresh leafy and herbal.

Infused Tea/ Unique characteristics
The hemp brews a bright golden-green color liquor with a beautiful shine. It’s quite a teaser on the palate with it’s complex medley of flavours. The distinct subtle hints of caramel and hay, accompanied by a persistant herbal and grassy undertone, and buttery mouthfeel, leave a wonderful sweet aftertaste. Rich, delicate, flavourful and with a bright shine, I enjoyed drinking this tea.

One bag was infused in 200ml pre-boiled water, for 5 minutes. The second infusion, brewed for 9 minutes brought in similar flavour profile. Both the infusions were bright and well balanced, with a very calming tone.

This is a great quality product which can easily transcend you to a relaxing and calming mood. With hemp drinks like hemp matcha and hemp cinnamon latte becoming massively popular globally, I was very thrilled to taste this tea. I highly recommend it for it’s 100% all-natural, organic and healthy constitution. For a cold evening here after a long day, it was a wonderful treat.

To learn more about hemp and it’s medicinal properties click here

Website –
Twitter – @PHBLife
Rating – 4.5/5

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