REVIEW – Coffee Leaf Tea By Wize Monkey

Coffee Leaf TeaWize Monkey has come out with a unique product, that can revolutionize the coffee industry with something you may have unheard of – Coffee Leaf Tea. The new tea on the block, besides being proven to contain more antioxidants than green tea, believes in creating a sustainable, revenue system for the coffee farming community in Latin America.

Thanks to our friends at Wize Monkey for sharing their journey and sending us their lovely samples.

Description of Tea
The dry leaves are crushed with shades of brown and green. The aroma is grassy, leafy and herbal – very similar to guayusa and yerba mate.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves brew a bright amber color infusion. The taste…it’s different! The infusion is smooth, malty and quite similar to black tea, without it’s bitterness and dry aftertaste. The aroma is earthy, like fresh cut grass, with notes of wildflower and dried hay, and a pleasant sweet undertone.

Coffee leaves were infused in 150 ml, pre-boiled water (90-95 C), for 3 minutes. I got one infusion which was bright, fresh, engaging and well balanced.

The other teas from Wize Monkey to watch out for are Minty Marvel and Mango Party. The blends are very refreshing, unique in both taste and aroma. This is a kind of tea that is surely going to rock.

Website –
Twitter – @WizeMonkey
Award – 2015 World Tea Awards, Nominee – Best Tea Industry Innovator & Best New Product
Rating – 4.5/5

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