Rangsaa Launches It’s Website Rangsaa.com on ITD 2016

On the 12th International Tea Day, 15th December 2016, we at Rangsaa are glad to launch our website www.rangsaa.com.

We at Rangsaa are huge fans of superior quality tea and herbs, but were jaded with the poor-grade and dusty flavors that found their way into infusions. Having realised a gap in the market for healthy, all-natural tea, we sought out to create delicious blends loaded with pure, unadulterated power. And so Rangsaa was born.

Climate change and modern lifestyle are messing our health and mental peace. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure are increasingly becoming common among people. In Delhi, the national capital of India, there are already serious concerns surrounding the dangerously high levels of toxicity in the air.

We feel it is the need of the hour for people to consider tea as the best option for their daily drinks. Market stats and global trend forecast prove that people are bored of artificial drinks and are looking for something that will improve them naturally.

After years of research and collaboration with experts, we created our unique Rangsaa recipes to rediscover the forgotten power of Indian herbs. Rangsaa’s tea blends and tisanes are the results of a precise and careful selection of evocative herbs with proven health benefits, designed for the modern tea drinker. We aim to create an exquisite tea drinking experience for tea lovers around the world. And we ensure our journey is beneficial for all by working directly with small growers and farmers.

A fitness and wellness movement, Rangsaa operates in a unique space. With all-natural ingredients curated to transform and energize, Rangsaa is all about complex and novel layers of flavors, undertones and aromas. Our blends are multi-versatile, finding their uses in cooking, nutritious drinks and healthy cocktails. We love design and bring to you a product that not just tastes amazing, but also looks absolutely amazing. Just how our tea makes you feel good inside-out, so will our packaging.

The concept of healthy, nutritious tea goes way beyond the popular green tea or flavored tea bags. While we do see the concept of premium tea as a health drink growing globally, it still remains to gain traction in India. Rangsaa is on a mission to change this and we need your support to that end.

We are brewing a modern culture for contemporary tea drinking experience, and we look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you. Please check out our website, shop and show your support. Share it if you love it.

TEA REVIEW – Rangsaa Insignia

Romance Review.jpgDry Leaves
Tea is a colorful blend of fine green leaves and sweet-smelling ingredients, with shades of olive green, pink and wood. Aroma is reminiscent of fresh berry dessert; strong, citrusy, with hints of rosemary and caramel. Quite enticing!

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves brew a deep crimson liquor with hue of amber – the color is stunning. Aroma is tempting, complex and inviting. On the palate the infusion carries the taste of fresh summer berries, with mild woodiness and subtle tones of sun-ripened, sour-sweet-citrus. Delicate, smooth, refreshing, with an elegant wine-like finish, the distinctive flavors with alluring addition of hints of spice, easily elevate this tea into a realm of dessert.

One level tsp of tea was infused in 200ml pre-boiled water (at 100C) for 9 minutes. The top cranberry-like flavor, with tart-sweetness, expressive and spicy edge, eases you into an olfactory journey. I suggest brewing this tea for longer time, as it wonderfully accentuates the well-balanced myriad of flavors.

Rangsaa Romance will introduce you to a unique sensory experience, that may assist you in growing your appreciation for tea. The marriage of tippy green tea with different herbs and spices helps you take a trip to tranquility and relaxation. Delicious in every way, harmony is embodied in this sophisticated blend that reminds you that real love is pure and special.

The Rise of Premium Tea and What is Driving This Segment

tea-talk-3aThe demand for premium tea has seen considerable growth in the last few years, with the trend holding true not just for the Western part of the world but also for India. Guess who is fuelling this rise in demand for premium varieties of tea hitherto left largely unexplored?

The increasing demand largely comes from health-conscious ‘millennials’ (individuals born between 1980’s and 2004), who on their quest to lead the good life are increasingly taking to natural, organic and pure ingredients in their daily lives. With standards of living higher than the preceding generations, the millennials are the ones driving this spectacular growth in the ‘sharing economy’ trend; this generation is making the shift from ownership to renting and instead spending big on consumer products that ensure a healthy, disease-free life.

Naturally, the big premium tea brands are now targeting this micro-premium segment of buyers that is comfortable spending on high-end, organic products that promote healthy living. Indian brands have also jumped on to the bandwagon and are making concerted efforts to cater to this segment by importing superior varieties of tea and marketing these to the health-conscious millennials with cushy corporate jobs and solid cash flows.

However, we often see brands casually throwing the word ‘premium’ around. So what exactly does ‘premium’ tea mean and how can you ensure your tea is, indeed, premium?

Tea comes roughly in three varieties – Bulk, Brand and Premium.

Bulk tea is harvested in a mechanical fashion, because of which the leaves and sprigs get grinded together. This results in the leaves getting damaged, which might cause a bitter flavour. This type of tea is often described as ‘dust’. Tea plantations separate the high quality leaves from the dust and grit, pack them in tea bags and use these for bulk tea. The costs involved in its production are minimal.

Tea brands, such as Lipton and Twinings, sell through their huge marketing activities. These days, we see an increase in the number of brands entering this segment, distinguishing themselves through marketing, design and perception (biological, Ayurveda etc.). Mostly, branded tea are mixes or teas given their unique aroma and taste profile with synthetic flavoring. However, the quality of the leaves is low-grade. By the time tea reaches your cup, it is almost 2-3 years old. Again, the costs involved in this segment are low.

Premium tea is the segment offering high quality tea – popularly known as specialty or orthodox tea. This tea is carefully cultivated and usually handpicked, which results in superior quality. The best locations for cultivation are picked based on altitude, light, temperature, humidity and soil. Different terrains and soils result in different flavor profiles, much as it is with wine. This explains why teas grown in high altitudes are the most expensive and unique. The costs in this segment are high – similar to premium wine or an expensive bottle of single malt, which explains the bulk of demand coming from the segment with high disposable incomes.

What makes premium tea all that special? According to Euromonitor, in 2015, tea outperformed all other hot beverages in total volume terms. In developed markets, tea’s perceived health benefits and a growing crop of premium tea specialists are driving higher consumption. We also see this trend catching up in India where upcoming tea specialists have generated renewed interest in premium tea.

We at Love for Tea believe that the increasing demand for specialty tea is only the beginning of something of a revolution. With greater awareness and accessibility will come greater acceptance for this segment of tea. We hope tea lovers around the world make the right decision, drink right and nourish their love for special brews.

Rangsaa’s Golden Box – Step Into Luxury Tea


Rangsaa fashions tea as a healthy and delicious alternative in lifestyle and wellness segment. Our blends are specially handcrafted using a precise selection of evocative herbs, indigenous to each purpose and to reflect the healing and indulgent philosophy of the brand.

We are proud to share the first look of our golden box. Watch out for our launch. The countdown has begun.

Rangsaa – The Global Tea Movement

Ad1 rangsaa

Tea isn’t just another drink. It’s an experience. And we are about to immerse you into that journey. Our high-quality, whole leaf, tea is blended with rare herbs, creating a brew that invigorates your body—and mind. Handcrafted in limited quantities and sourced from different parts of India, we work directly with women farmers to bring the finest cuppa to your table.

Absolutely pure, with entirely natural flavours and completely devoid of chemicals, these
unique Tea blends are a first of a kind for the urban, modern tea drinker.

So pour yourself a cup of Rangsaa, and experience tea like never before.

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