REVIEW – Darjeeling Sencha by Udyan Tea

Sencha Green

Description of Tea
The dry leaves consist of broken and medium sized flat, lightly curled, needle shaped leaves which are 2-3.5 cm in length. The leaves are dark green in color, with scattered hints of fresh green. The aroma is grassy, sweet and refreshing.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics
The leaves brew a greenish golden liquor. On the palate the flavor goes through a spectrum of sweet, grassy and floral notes. The infusion is medium-light bodied without any astringency, and has a wonderful silky mouthfeel. The mild vegetal flavors, with light citrus undertones, compliment the sweet lingering aftertaste. Overall, a delicious and harmonious tea with lots of flavor and aroma!

4 gms of leaves were infused in 150 ml pre-boiled water at 70 C for 2 minutes. I got 3 infusions which were well balanced. The third infusion at 4 minutes lingered nicely with a pleasantly mild astringent edge.

Darjeeling Sencha celebrates the most popular tea, native to Japan. Although this tea cannot be compared to the traditional sencha, it does contain the classic sweet and grassy characteristics that are reminiscent of a finely steamed sencha. Personally, if you like sophistication and are a quality green tea drinker, this is your all-day infusion.

Website –
Twitter – @UdyanTea
Rating – 3.8/5

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